Caring for the community eye care since 2000


Now a days Averywhere men & women have equal right rights- Post-op Cataract Patients in a Joyful movement in MGEH

Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital was unveiled on 28th December 2000. Since then it has reached many unreached eye patients in North Orissa as well serving the cataract patients with utmost care high quality surgeries at its base hospital.

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Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital aims no one is needlessly blind and where a visually impaired enjoys the same rights, responibilities & opportunities. It seeks to reach the unreached by emphasizing on the premise “Right to Sight” & “Sight to the Sightless”

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Services & Facilities

Operation Theatre

Operation Theatre




MGEH always takes pride for its experienced & widely exposed staff trained in leading eye hospitals of the country including Eye Specialists, Ophthalmic Assistants, Nurses, Counsellors, Field Organisers and House Keepers etc.

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Out Patient Department (OPD)


Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hosptal has a well-equipped Out Patient Department with diagnostic facilities.

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Indoor Patient Department (IPD)


Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hosptal provides wards and cabins for indoor Patients with 24hour Nursing Service

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Operation Theatre (OT)


Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital has a modern and sophisticated operation theatre.

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Other Facilities


Among other facilities Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital has a pharmacy and a optical store

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Future Plan

Patients after successful surgery

Patients after successful surgery

  • To establish statelite centers at Baripada, Jaleswar, Karanjia and Soro
  • To procure  high quality diagnostic instruments like Fundus Camera,B Scan and Contact Lenses  with Retina Clinic
  • Diabetic Retinopathy and Pediatric ophthalmology unit at Base Hospital
  • To set up Para medical training centre
  • To lower blindness rate from 18/1000 to  3/1000 by 2020 (as a part of the VISION 2020 campaign)


Every individual has the right to sight and there is no better felling than making a sightless to sight the world with a new vision and self-confidence. We invite institutions & individuals to join our mission in order to reach the millions living in darkness and to eliminate blindness in best possible way. We believe that together we can make a difference.

SupportWe need your support in any form

For local Donation within India:

Bank Account Number: 0547010102290-UTBIORGV451
Bank Name: United Bank of India
Post:Rashgovindpur,District: Mayurbhanj
State: Orissa, India

For Foreign Donation:

Bank Account Number: 0250010103444-UTBIOBPD422
Bank Name: United Bank of India
Post:Baripada,District:Mayurbhanj,State: Orissa, India




Contact for further information:

Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital
Rangamatia, Rashovindpur, Mayurbhanj, Orissa, India

Tel.: 06793-275480, 7681824237

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